The Ultimate Guide to Blind Dating

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A blind date can be an exciting way to meet someone new. However, if you’re dating someone you know next to nothing about, you will need to approach the date with care and discretion if it is to have any chance of success. Here are some of the things you need to think about if you are embarking on a blind date.

Venue / activity

Choosing a venue for a blind date can be tricky. By definition, blind dates involve meeting someone you have limited or no information about, so the best option is probably to keep it neutral and pick a universally popular dating location. A coffee date, drinks at a pub or a quiet dinner at a restaurant are safe options for blind dating.

If you don’t know each other at all, it can even be acceptable to meet at a party or within a group of friends. This way, you have a chance to work out quickly if you would like to spend more time together without piling on the pressure.

Preparing for a blind date

When you are getting ready for a blind date you should put in just as much effort as if you were going to meet someone you were already interested in. If you find out that you and your blind date aren’t ideally suited to one another, nothing is lost. However, if you hit it off straight away, you know you have made enough of an effort to give a great impression.

First impression

First impressions are extremely important on a blind date. The less you know about one another, the more vital the first impression will be. Crucially, don’t let a look of disappointment spread over your face, even for an instant. If your date is something different to what you were expecting, it can’t benefit anyone to make an issue of this. A calm and friendly approach is best for this nerve-wracking moment.


When dating someone you’ve had absolutely no contact with before, the conversation will be a little different from if you had already been messaging them on a dating site, or had encountered them in a different situation such as at a party. It can be good to prepare a little for a blind date in that sense, with simple questions, perhaps about your date’s lifestyle, hobbies and their perspectives about the latest news story or TV show.

Ending the date

It’s important to end a blind date tactfully. If you know you don’t want to organise a second date, don’t be tempted to feign an interest in getting together again. There is nothing more likely to get you blacklisted by the singles community than the phrase ‘I’ll call you’ if it’s not then followed up with a call. A simple ‘it was lovely to meet you’ is an appropriate way to end a date without appearing rude.

However, if you are interested getting to know them better and they would too, why not organise the second date straight away? This way, neither party goes home feeling confused about the situation.

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