Seduction and Romantic Dinner – Make the Cooking heat spark over

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Seduction and Romantic Dinner — Make the Cooking heat spark over

Romantic Dinner is a great way to get together but how about sharing the joy of cooking. Seduce your partner with your own cooking lesson for both of you. Your dinner doesn’t have to be a labour itensive chore for you alone. Make it an ejoyable art for you and your partner, lover or soon to be partner. If you both enjoy a new exquisit cuisine, food preparation alongside each other, can be a great experience to become skilled:

  • how to eat healthy
  • have a quality moment in time with each other
  • split the joy of preparing a meal (and clean up)
  • master new culinary skills together
  • be amused
  • communicate efficiently with each other.

Surprise Meal: Don’t sop for a meal introduce a little mystery to your cooking. Delicious food, sensual romance and a good mystery—you probably want all of these things. And it is likely the person you covet wants that too. Think ‘Lego in the kitchen’ get the building blocks and create something new. Get a basket full of mystery: Shop for basic ingredients, but with no single meal in mind. As a team, you have to come up with a 3-course delicious meal, including side dishes, making 5 to 6 dishes in total. A fun game :-) For the beginners I would suggest filling the mystery basket with the help of a cooking book (don’t take every ingredient from one meal alone). just mix up 3 diffrent dishes. Don’t forget the basics as a side dish rice, noodles, potatos or sweet potatos always work. Dont forget to add some vegetables. For the main course meat fish or tofu… For those experienced in cooking it is way more fun to lock the cookbook away.

You may try luscious, basic themes, such as ‘Italian Night’, ‘Arabian Night’, ‘Vegetarian Evening’, ‘Comfort Food Feast’ and ‘Traditional Asian Cuisine’. This is an awsome form to entertain each other, a splendit opportunity to evaluate your abilities to work together and a great way of building your relationship. As you guide each other through the creation of a 2-4 course menu, share your culinary tips, enjoyable facts, and insights about the preparation of food with each other.
Take your time. You will to discover more than just the culinary art and the romantic part of it. You will quickly see, that it can be quite amusing to be involved in cooking together with your partner. You also need to become aware of how this quality time can collectivly enhance your communication talent and, at the end of the day, your relationship. If you take a cooking class together, you can combine the pleasure of preparing and eating food.

This way you bring together the best of the romantic with the cooking, lighten your work load and in the end you will most likely reap the fruits of your labour.

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