Online Dating – Is it That Bad?

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We are living in a very hectic society, and therefore we find it hard to set apart some of our time for ourselves. Perhaps the need and competent society has urged us, if not induced into our lives the inadequate 24 hours a day and seven days a week mind set.

In response to our needs when it comes to socialization, here comes the societies answer, online dating. Who would ever deny that even in their strict schedule, we would, at the same time, dream of meeting the person that would accompany us when we grow old? To give this dream an avenue despite the inadequacy of time, online dating grew to answer the ongoing necessity.

Internet has been rampant and is still getting into each part of our society. The doors that internet has opened is so wide that some of the brilliant minds have developed a way to use this available resource to meet the social needs of each individual who are not capable to interact.

Conceding that not every individual could ask someone into a date and that not all of us could spend that much time to date in search for that Mr. or Mrs. Right, however, could online dating be the answer to these circumstances?

Perhaps, this kind of dating has its purpose, however, how some psychologists see it is not that beneficial as it sounds like. Because dating is done only in the comfort of your own home, without necessarily facing that person, there is a tangible possibility that this would only decrease the person’s capability to interact. The main reason of those individuals who indulge into such type of dating is that they are not yet capable to do it or they do not have enough guts to go out on a date. This reason is undeniably true, however, if online dating would be the avenue to meet such incapability, there is a wide possibility that this incapability would only worsen. Dependence on the fact that an avenue such as online dating is available to fill-in the incapability would only lead to the further degradation because, instead of harnessing the skill, it is only accepted and left unsettled.

The purpose of dating is undeniably pleasant; however, it would still depend on the one who would avail such avenue. We are not saying here that online dating is bad, what we want to emphasize that actual dating as compared to online dating would still be effective if distance is removed from the picture.

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