How to Flirt Successfully

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The best places to flirt is in a night club or a pub as these are the places to get in the mood as there is music and drinks to get you in the mood. Usually flirting starts when you make eye contact with a woman from across the room & that initial eye contact commences. If smiles are also exchanged, then you can be quietly confident that you have made a good early impression on her. It is always good to ask the waiter/waitress to send over a drink to her. Once the drink arrives to her, give her a smile and see her reaction. If she smiles back at you and starts to drink walk over to where she is sitting.

Once you are at her table, start a conversation with her. However make sure that you don’t start a serious conversation with her. Avoid talking about yourself. Don’t talk about what you do for a living unless she asks you. If she does ask you, don’t go on and on about how good you are and how much money you make. This will turn her off. It’s nice to compliment her but be genuine about it. A woman can tell if you’re not being genuine. Also avoid one liners that are annoying and not funny. Save those for the fake guys.

A big mistake is touching a woman as you don’t know her thoughts on being touched that early. Don’t take the risk in finding out that she finds it disrespectful. Always in an initial encounter with a woman, there is a chance that by touching her you are threatening her personal space. By not invading her personal space, you are showing that you respect her. Also don’t appear that you are desperate as it turns women off. Also don’t be fake by being someone that you’re not as women aren’t stupid and you will be found out very quickly.

If you follow these dating tips, then you will most likely succeed in getting a date. Harmless flirting will draw her towards you and once you start a conversation don’t start a serious conversation with her. Also don’t invade her private space. If at the end of the night all the signs look positive, you can then ask her for her telephone number.


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