How to amaze your spouse with a romantic dinner when he/she comes home

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How to amaze your spouse with a romantic dinner when he/she comes home

Husband or wife, every spouse loves a little special as a surprise when they come home. When my husband is feeling blue, or I just want him to know he is my most precious person in the whole wide world, I crack out the special romantic candle lit dinner to show him my affections. He just loves it when I take the time to surprise him on a Friday night, and it prepares us for a whole weekend of good times.
Step One: Deciding on a main course. I love lobster tail, it is just my favourite food for two reasons: It is delicious and it is easy to make (and as long as your spouse isn’t allergic to shellfish) you will be as good as gold with this great meal. Easy to and simple to prepare, anyone can cook this meal with pice of pie. Go to the shop of your choice and get two lobster tails, boil them, cut them, I prefere halves, with a scary looking serrated knife (Be careful not to cut yourself), and melt butter. I serve mine with asparagus and sweet potato fries or mashed sweet potatos. But mashed potatos work as well. If  you are concerned about cost, think of this. The last time I took John out to the bar for a burger and brews at our favorite upscale burger joint the tab came to almost a 80 dollars, with tip close to 100$, and our lobster at home is about 20 bucks a pound.

Step Two: Getting the kids out of your way. Kids are great, but it will be your spouse that is there for you eventually the kids leave and start their own adult lives, and they should do that. So ladies, put him first every now and again and get rid of your kids for a weekend! Trust me, you’ve got a mom, or mom-in law, an aunt that will help you out, or they can sleep over at one of their friends, or if not that, at least a sitter for the evening. You will be able to provide for your children better if you take some me time every now and again, and I don’t know any children who really enjoy beeing whatched by their parents all the time, anyway.

Step Three: Setting up the surprise. Even men love the idea of candles on the dinner table, yes they are liars. They like how they smell and the mood they set. Wear something that you would to a nice dinner, men squeeze into that tux, or wear the nicest clothes you have, it will blow her mind. I promise you won’t have to wear it for long. I like to wear a fancy dinner dress and have my hair done. I might not even answer the door; just him find me at the  dinner table.

Desert! Nice dinner comes in Courses it justhelps the presentation. If you can manage it, go for it. Desert is always a great bonus. I love being able to present something spectacular like a homemade cake. Fresh strawberries and champagne set the tone for a different desert. Fresh strawberries slightly dipped in molten choclate is easy to make and will Wow almost any woman (most men too) but either or is sure to please, and culinary art isn’t just about the taste of the food, it’s about presentation so no matter who you want to impress and/or seduce make sure the details line up, or all that cooking was in vain.

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