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In the arena of social interactions, those people who flirt perfectly are the best players. Yes, accepting that looks, guts, and self-confidence are important in finding the perfect date. However, those people who are good in flirting would always run you over. Flirting is a fun way to arouse the interest of someone. In such cases, flirting is a casual action for someone and does not have any romantic interest attached to it.

Perhaps you are one of those who love to flirt, yet are not that good in the business. We have some of the humorous facts about flirting, dating and the art of attraction that you will know.

Do you know that flirting is good for you? Undeniably flirting is good for enhancing social interaction, but the factor that I would like to address in the statement is your health. According to some studies that people who flirt often have higher counts of white blood-cells, and to let you know, these white blood-cells are the one responsible for boosting your immunity. Another scientific fact is that human use approximately 52 flirting signals. These signals produced by various parts of our body. The most wildly used signals are the hair flip, winking, and smiling suggestively.

According to statistics, 62 percent of drivers found that they have flirted with someone while on driving. On the latter part of those flirting, it has found that 31 percent would end in an actual date.

There was also survey conducted among mobile phone users. The results clearly stated that half of those populations that uses mobile phone send flirting messages. Cell phones really serve us well, and perhaps it has seen its new use in the way of flirting. Flirting, aside from the English language, is a universal communication skill. A woman from New York and a woman from rural areas may not be the same in almost all factors. However, when it comes to flirting they could portray the same flirting attitudes.

On legal terms, did you know that flirting is proclaimed as an illegal act in some places? In Little Rock, AR, there is an antiquated law that warns and prohibits the involvement and display of playful banner – Imprisonment for 30 days once you get caught flirting. In New York City, another antiquated law prohibits men in gazing lasciviously at women; anyone who gets caught or reported with such action has a fine of 25 dollars.

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