Cooking for dates: Taking more easy steps

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You have started some easy cooking perhaps even tried the beefed up scrambled eggs. Now where can you go from here? We have to increase the difficulty by a bit. This time we are talking meat. Yeah guys I know you do not consider chicken meat but rather a variant of tofu wich walked around at some point. Nevertheless, I am going to give you a recipe for chicken with mushrooms.

What you need (one Person):

  1. 150 g (5.3 oz) chicken filet
  2. 100 g (3.5 oz) champingnon
  3. 100 g (3.5 oz) cherry tomatos
  4. a bundle sharlots or a large onion
  5. One table spoon of cream cheese
  6. a garlic clove
  7. paprica powder
  8. salt and pepper
  9. Olive oil
  10. a cub basmati rice

We are startig like the last time preparing all the food and than throwing it in the pan. This way you run less risk of burning your meal because you forgot to move the food while cutting up other food. This time we have some rice to go with the food. This makes it more difficult because we have to use two hot plates at the same time. Since the rice takes some time but not a lot of work, we start with it.

Rinse the rice through a kitchen sieve (like this stainless steel sieve one). When you pour water through the rice, the water comes out whitish. Do so for 30 sekonds to a minute or until it bokoms almost clear. Now put it in a bowl with plenty of water and let it soak (about 20-30 minutes). Meanwhile we can start with cutting and cleaning the rest.

Cut up the chicken into small peaces you could easily put on your fork. Put them on a plate and put it aside. wash the champignongs and romove the skin (it tastes better) cut them in 3 mm (1/8″) slices an put them on a plate. Wash the cherry tomatos and cut them depending on size in halfs or quarters.

Now its time for the sharlots or the onion, why did I give you a choice? Well I prefer sharlots because they are prepared a lot faster than onions and they do not make you cry like a baby. However, if you like Onions better, go with them. Now it is time for the Garlic. I know garlic is a sensitive matter. Most people like it but cannot admit it because it makes them and others smell. Nevertheless, it is healthy and tastes great. Be careful with the amount one clove is enough for most meals but you could skip it if you do not like it. Peel the garlic and cut it into slices (this way you could sort it out after cooking and still have some garlic taste but less smell)

Getting back to the rice, remember the thing we put on the fire a while back, which hopefully does not give any smoke signals. The 20-30 minutes are probably over. Drain the water through your kitchen sieve but the rice in your pot and add 2 cubs of fresh water and 1/2 a tablespoon of salt and a little bit of olive oil. Put it on medium to high heat and let it boil for 15 minutes. Once it starts boiling lower the heat to medium low and put a lit on. After the 15 minutes remove the lit and let any remaining water, boil off. Fluff the rice with a Spoon or Fork.

While the rice is cooking, put some olive oil or butter in your pan. Put the heat on high and wait until it is hot. (Remember the trick with the wooden spoon bubbles form once it is hot. Put in your chicken pieces and let them get some color while gently moving them with your wooden turner. Once they have a light brown color on some parts add all the cut up food and lower the heat to medium. Add salt, pepper and the paprica powder to your liking. Finally add the cream cheese. Gently move it with your turner every occasionally for about 3-5 more minutes.

You are done. I know it was a big step from scrambled eggs to this. Nevertheless, you could even serve this food for a date. How could you improve this meal? Adding some corn is a nice idea. You could vary it by using potatoes instead of rice.

I am always open for suggestions and constructive criticism. Please comment below.

Cooking for dates? Where to start?

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Why do we include cooking recipies on a dating site? Well there is the saying loves goes through the stomach. In addition, pretty much everyone loves it, when someone prepares good food for him or her (yeah women love when their guys cook for them). Since most women know how to cook and some guys are completly ignorant about cooking, we decided it is about time that men get motivated to cook. It is not that hard to cook! It is probably not a good idea to do a five-course meal for your first cooking ever and try it on a date. That is just meant to end in disaster or burned food thrown out the window and quickly ordered take out.

Well, where do you start when all you know is the opening of a pot and pan has to point up? Moreover, what do you need when you have a cooker and a microwave but have not used both of them? My suggestion for a start into cooking is getting a pan, a pot a wooden spoon and a wooden turner like these:


I asume you got plates and knives

So now, you are set to tackle your first projects. However, do you really want to stay in the kitchen for hours for your very first trial? No of course, you do not. That is why the first recipe we provide for your tests is a better version of scrambled eggs. Why did we choose scrambled eggs? Its simple, it takes not very long and by adding a few ingredients, you can turn it from a boring thing to a delicious ful meal.


Eggs how to make them into something delicious


What you need (1 -2 hungry Persons :-))

  1. 4 large eggs
  2. 1 red sweet pepper
  3. 1 yellow or orange sweet pepper
  4. 1 bundle of shallots
  5. salt
  6. pepper
  7. butter

Start by washing and cutting the peppers in halfs and removing all the seeds. Cut from the stem to the stem and twist it to break the two halfs. After removing the seeds cut each half in four pieces. Now cutting them in four pieces again should give you nice eddible sizes. Put all of them on a plate and set them aside. Wash the shallots and cut of the root ends and all the green parts which don’t look fresh anymore. Now cut the shallots into disks about 1/4″ thick or 6 mm thick without chooping you fingers off your knive. Do not do it like you seen in the movies cutting it in less than 10 seconds and flipping the knive behind your back. You can easily take the whole bunch stack them and cut them at the same time. Now open the eggs and put them in a glass. Opening eggs is not as simple as it looks it takes some practice to open them without getting shell pieces in your food. (One of the reasons we put them in a glass) The easiest way is to take a knife hold the egg in the left hand and wack it with the edge of the knife along the shorter circumfrence. Now break it apart with both your hands over the glass.

Now it is time to make fire (or turn the electric stove on). Put you pan on the heating plate or fire. Set it to max, take a piece of the butter (30 g or one ounce) put it in the pan and wait until it melts. Now reduce the heat to medium. When you stick your wooden turner into the liquid butter and you see small bubble you know it is hot. Put all the shallots in first and stirr them with your wooden turner for around 3 minutes. Now add all the sweet peppers to your pan and stirr every occasionally for another 2 minutes. Finally add all the eggs mix it all until the egg is not liquid anymore. Add salt and ground pepper to your liking (add small amounts start with a 10th of an ounce (3g) for the salt and taste it) and you are done.

So this does not sound like rocket science, does it? The preparation time should be around 10-15 minutes. Until you have food o your table, it should be about 25 minutes (faster than pizza delivery). You have a healthy meal and you can impress most people when you serve them scrambled eggs like this, because they expect something boring, and they get this.

Now how can you improve this even more? Adding small dices of Feta, dried and cut tomatos and some koruna improves the taste even more By adding some nuts like cashews you get a really nice variation. Basicly cooking is about experimentation. Cook some stuff others have done before and once you think this could taste great ttogether try it.